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ESD Online Registration

How to Register Company on ESD Malaysia website?ESD Malaysia registration

If you have registered your company in Malaysia, to apply work permit for company directors or management has become very simple and straight forward. Simply, create ESD online account. Provide all necessary information to get your company registered with ESD Immigration Department. Once your company is registered with ESD online website, you’ll be able to apply Malaysian Work Permit online without any “Flying Agent”.

  • There are two requirements needed before companies can proceed with the ESD registration. Please go through the requirements details below.

1. Company must be registered with The Companies Commission of Malaysia (SSM).

2. Company Paid-up capital*

100% Local Owned RM250,000
Joint Venture (minimum foreign equity is 30%) RM350,000
100% Foreign Owned RM500,000
Foreign owned companies running Wholesale, Retail and Trade (WRT) License is compulsory. Refer to the Ministry of Domestic Trade, Co-operatives and Consumerism WRT license application guideline RM1,000,000

* Not applicable to incorporated and limited companies, and associations/organisations under the laws of Malaysia.

  • 2. How to register on ESD Website?

    Visit ESD Immigration Department website. Please ensure you have all the required documents below before proceeding with registration:

    • 1. Copy of all company director’s MyKad or Passport copy.
    • 2. Company Profile
    • 3. Copy of Company’s Phone Bill
    • 4. Tenancy Agreement
    • 5. SSM E-info Printout
    • 6. SSM Form 9
    • 7. SSM Form 24
    • 8. SSM Form 49
    • 9. Latest Financial Report, If company is old
    • 10. Copy of Local Council License – (if applicable)
    • 11. Other business licenses (WRT, CIDB, other SSM forms, or any other license as per your company’s business activities mentioned in your company’s Memorandum & Articles, and any other supporting documents)
  • 3. How long does it take to be registered?

    If you have provided all required documents in order, normally, it takes fourteen (14) working days for the process to be completed.

       Next Step

Once the company has been registered with ESD System, you will receive an email from Immigration Department regarding confirmation of your registration. Otherwise, you will be asked to supply any other document required by the Immigration Department.

ESD Account Activation

On successful registration with ESD, The company Director is required to sign the LoU to ensure that he acknowledges the responsibility for all transactions by the company. This would also protect the interest of the company. This is done only ONCE and the whole process takes no longer than 10 minutes, based on scheduled appointment via ESD online. Then you’ll be able to submit the work permit applications online on ESD immigration website based on your company’s approved “Talent Projection”.

QADKAM Worldwide Assistance

For genuine business owners, to apply Professional Employment Pass which is also known as DP10 visa or Malaysian Work Permit, there is NO need to hire any “Flying Agent”. You can directly contact Expatriate Services Division (ESD) for any assistance.

If you need Professional assistance/Professional Guidelines, you may consult with QADKAM Professionals.