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Company Registration

Company Registration

Company Registration in Malaysia | Visas for Company Directors

From 15th April, 2014 Malaysian Immigration has introduced

ONLINE DP10 Work Permit Application System. No need to hire any    “Flying Agent“. Now you can apply Malaysian Work Permit Online. Just you need to have a Company with at least RM1 million PAID UP CAPITAL (for all lawful business activities), a physical office with fixed phone line and Signboard. Malaysian Immigration Department always encourage Foreigner Investors who want to contribute in Malaysian economy.

How to start the process?

Just Click Here to send the application Online and after sending the Online Form, send us the passport copies of proposed Directors of the company. You may pay online or pay directly to QADKAM Sdn Bhd, Malaysia account via wire transfer or bank deposit. ( The bank and account details can be obtained by contacting any QADKAM office worldwide. The validation with the Companies Commission of Malaysia (SSM) will take about a 5-7 days to register a brand new company. If you are a Malaysian citizen, then the complete Sdn Bhd company registration can be done in just RM 2000.

But if you are a Foreigner and need to apply work permit, then the minimum paid up capital (NOT only the authorized capital) of 100% foreign owned company MUST be
RM 500,000.

Please note, most of clients register a company with only authorized capital which is not entitled for “Work Permits”. To be eligible for work permits, company’s capital should be Fully Paid up and must be stated on FORM 24 (minimum RM500,000 for 100% foreign owned companies). QADKAM may assist you to register a company with RM 500,000 paid up capital within 5-7 working days.

The Companies with foreign ownership that are engaged in distributive trade are required to obtain a wholesale and retail trade (WRT) license from the Malaysian Ministry of Domestic Trade and Consumer Affairs (MDTCA). For WRT, the minimum paid up capital requirement is RM 1 million. Other companies with foreign ownership that are not engaged in distributive trade do not require a WRT license.

QADKAM is the best option for you with the best business & management consultancy services to register a company with any paid up capital. We assist our clients to register a company with RM 500,000 (to 1-2-3 million and so on) paid up capital. You can register RM 500,000 paid up capital company in just 5-7 working days.

Click Here to Register ONLINE a Company in Malaysia

Why QADKAM services:
  • QADKAM Worldwide professionals prepare Work Permit Application file FREE of Cost for First Directors, so no need to hire any “Flying Agent” who may charge you worth RM5000 to RM8000 and most of the cases, “Flying Agents” may waste your time and money!
  • Free usage of QADKAM Worldwide office address as your company’s “Registered Office” for 1 Year.
  • You are NOT contacting “Flying Agents. You are contacting No.1 leading licensed Malaysian relocation company, run by Malaysians with a team of lawyers, company secretaries, professional Immigration consultants.
  • QADKAM financial audit reports/figures are available online on official website of Companies Commission of Malaysia E-info page, which proves it’s good trust in the market with a result, a business worth of Millions in Malaysian market.
  • Hundreds of new investors have successfully started their business through QADKAM. Come and see how many foreigner clients we have successfully relocated in Malaysia using QADKAM services.
  • FREE assistance to find suitable school for your beloved children.
To be saved from “Flying Agents”, BEFORE you hire any one’s services in Malaysia, necessary to check:
Ask the person/company to show whether they are licensed Company Secretary or not! You can check this from any company which they have incorporated before. Ask them to show the documents of any company which they have incorporated before this..and then see what is written on “{Documents Lodged By:} a space provided on bottom of Form24 or Form49 of EVERY COMPANY in Malaysia. If there, you find their company name (the company who is claiming you that they can register your company with paid up capital) go ahead BUT if you don’t find their company name on this space {Documents Lodged By:} It means the person/company you are dealing is just a “Middleman” company or “Flying Agent”!
Furthermore; According to Government of Malaysia’s rules, ONLY Malaysian citizen can be the “Company Secretary” so if you are dealing with any “Foreigner” (may be from your own home country) then it means you are dealing with an “AGENT”…not with a “Company Secretary” of a “Company Secretarial Company”. Be careful to be the victim! Contact your embassy in Kuala Lumpur and ask how many people from your country have become the victim of such “Agents” who normally belong to client’s own home country.

Work Permits for Company Directors

For Employment in private and public sectors other than MIDA, MDeC, PSD, BNM and SC’s jurisdiction, Government of Malaysia has made very easy procedure for the issuance of Work Permits for investors. Once your company is incorporated with minimum RM 500,000 paid up capital, you may apply for your professional visa (work permit). This is a very simple procedure and NO NEED to go to any agent. After relocating with a tenancy agreement, you have to get a license from local council (Majlis Perbandaran). For this license, you may contact QADKAM‘s experts to prepare necessary documentation. If all documents are properly filed, this license can be obtained within 3-4 working days. After obtaining the license, you may go directly to Immigration Department to submit the “DP10 Application” (Post Approval). The status of your DP10 Application can be accessed ONLINE at immigration department’s official website. The official client charter of EXPATRIATE COMMITTEE (EC) decision on DP10 Application is 7 days only. After the DP10 approval, your work permit sticker can be pasted on your passport’s page within 3 days.

For the Employment in all other sectors, prior approval of post is required from concerned authorized body.

NOTE: Please contact DIRECTLY to Immigration Department for ALL information related to Work Permits. NO ONE has influence/interfere on Work Permit related matters. Save your time and money and consult DIRECTLY with Immigration Department for inquiries related to Work Permits.

A Representative or a Regional Office

is a cost center that entitles any foreign company to prospect the Malaysian or the regional market. Under such structure, it will not be allowed to conduct business and invoice for product or service in Malaysia. On the other hand, it allows a foreign company to have a legal entity in Malaysia and obtain a work permit for its representative without having a paid-up capital and pay corporate tax in Malaysia. Each application for the set-up has to be approved by the MIDA, a division from the Ministry of International Trade &Industry, which also gives the approval for the work permit of the representative and its dependents. The approval is granted for two years and can be renewed for up to eight years, as the logic, from the Malaysian Authorities point of view, is to maximize the chances that the office will be upgraded to a private limited. Each application, whether the first one or the renewal, must justify the objectives to be in Malaysia and show that there is potential fur further investment. As for most of the communications with the Malaysian Administration, you may do it yourself, however the process can be time-consuming and there are good consultants familiar with how to present your case and ensure a speedy approval from the Authorities, It generally takes between 3 to 6 weeks to get the status and work permit approved.
To register a Representative or Branch office, you must have at least 2 years audit reports, balance sheet, bank statement of company for last six month, and a business plan.