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Company Registration in Malaysia

Company Registration in Malaysia | Visas for Company Directors

Malaysian Immigration has introduced ONLINE DP10 Work Permit Application System. No need to hire any    “Flying Agent“. Now you can apply Malaysian Work Permit Online. Just you need to have a Company with at least RM1 million PAID UP CAPITAL (for all lawful business activities), a physical office with fixed phone line and Signboard. Malaysian Immigration Department always encourage Foreigner Investors who want to contribute in Malaysian economy. To know more, visit netentplay deposit bonus 15 .

How to start the process?company registration in Malaysia for Foreigners 2019-2020

Just Click Here to send the application Online and after sending the Online Form, send us the passport copies of proposed Directors of the company. You may pay online or pay directly to QADKAM Sdn Bhd, Malaysia account via wire transfer or bank deposit. ( The bank and account details can be obtained by contacting any QADKAM office worldwide. The validation with the Companies Commission of Malaysia (SSM) will take about a 5-7 days to register a brand new company. If you are a Malaysian citizen, then the complete Sdn Bhd company registration can be done in just RM 2000.

But if you are a Foreigner and need to apply work permit, then the minimum paid up capital (NOT only the authorized capital) of 100% foreign owned company MUST be
RM 500,000.

Please note, most of clients register a company with only authorized capital which is not entitled for “Work Permits”. To be eligible for work permits, company’s capital should be Fully Paid up and must be stated on FORM 24 (minimum RM500,000 for 100% foreign owned companies). QADKAM may assist you to register a company with RM 500,000 paid up capital within 5-7 working days.

The Companies with foreign ownership that are engaged in distributive trade are required to obtain a wholesale and retail trade (WRT) license from the Malaysian Ministry of Domestic Trade and Consumer Affairs (MDTCA). For WRT, the minimum paid up capital requirement is RM 1 million. Other companies with foreign ownership that are not engaged in distributive trade do not require a WRT license.

QADKAM is the best option for you with the best business & management consultancy services to register a company with any paid up capital. We assist our clients to register a company with RM 500,000 (to 1-2-3 million and so on) paid up capital. You can register RM 500,000 paid up capital company in just 5-7 working days.

Click Here to Register ONLINE a Company in Malaysia

Why QADKAM services:
  • QADKAM Worldwide professionals prepare Work Permit Application file FREE of Cost for First Directors, so no need to hire any “Flying Agent” who may charge you worth RM5000 to RM8000 and most of the cases, “Flying Agents” may waste your time and money!
  • Free usage of QADKAM Worldwide office address as your company’s “Registered Office” for 1 Year.
  • You are NOT contacting “Flying Agents. You are contacting No.1 leading licensed Malaysian relocation company, run by Malaysians with a team of lawyers, company secretaries, professional Immigration consultants.
  • QADKAM financial audit reports/figures are available online on official website of Companies Commission of Malaysia E-info page, which proves it’s good trust in the market with a result, a business worth of Millions in Malaysian market.
  • Hundreds of new investors have successfully started their business through QADKAM. Come and see how many foreigner clients we have successfully relocated in Malaysia using QADKAM services.
  • FREE assistance to find suitable school for your beloved children.
To be saved from “Flying Agents”, BEFORE you hire any one’s services in Malaysia, necessary to check:
Ask the person/company to show whether they are licensed Company Secretary or not! You can check this from any company which they have incorporated before. Ask them to show the documents of any company which they have incorporated before this..and then see what is written on “{Documents Lodged By:} a space provided on bottom of Form24 or Form49 of EVERY COMPANY in Malaysia. If there, you find their company name (the company who is claiming you that they can register your company with paid up capital) go ahead BUT if you don’t find their company name on this space {Documents Lodged By:} It means the person/company you are dealing is just a “Middleman” company or “Flying Agent”!
Furthermore; According to Government of Malaysia’s rules, ONLY Malaysian citizen can be the “Company Secretary” so if you are dealing with any “Foreigner” (may be from your own home country) then it means you are dealing with an “AGENT”…not with a “Company Secretary” of a “Company Secretarial Company”. Be careful to be the victim! Contact your embassy in Kuala Lumpur and ask how many people from your country have become the victim of such “Agents” who normally belong to client’s own home country.

Work Permits for Company Directors

For Employment in private and public sectors other than MIDA, MDeC, PSD, BNM and SC’s jurisdiction, Government of Malaysia has made very easy procedure for the issuance of Work Permits for investors. Once your company is incorporated with minimum RM 500,000 paid up capital, you may apply for your professional visa (work permit). This is a very simple procedure and NO NEED to go to any agent. After relocating with a tenancy agreement, you have to get a license from local council (Majlis Perbandaran). For this license, you may contact QADKAM‘s experts to prepare necessary documentation. If all documents are properly filed, this license can be obtained within 3-4 working days. After obtaining the license, you may go directly to Immigration Department submit the “DP10 Application” (Post Approval). The status of your DP10 Application can be accessed ONLINE at immigration department’s official website. The official client charter of EXPATRIATE COMMITTEE (EC) decision on DP10 Application is 7 days only. After the DP10 approval, your work permit sticker can be pasted on your passport’s page within 3 days.

For the Employment in all other sectors, prior approval of post is required from concerned authorized body.

NOTE: Please contact DIRECTLY to Immigration Department for ALL information related to Work Permits. NO ONE has influence/interfere on Work Permit related matters. Save your time and money and consult DIRECTLY with Immigration Department for inquiries related to Work Permits.

A Representative or a Regional Office

is a cost center that entitles any foreign company to prospect the Malaysian or the regional market. Under such structure, it will not be allowed to conduct business and invoice for product or service in Malaysia. On the other hand, it allows a foreign company to have a legal entity in Malaysia and obtain a work permit for its representative without having a paid-up capital and pay corporate tax in Malaysia. Each application for the set-up has to be approved by the MIDA, a division from the Ministry of International Trade &Industry, which also gives the approval for the work permit of the representative and its dependents. The approval is granted for two years and can be renewed for up to eight years, as the logic, from the Malaysian Authorities point of view, is to maximize the chances that the office will be upgraded to a private limited. Each application, whether the first one or the renewal, must justify the objectives to be in Malaysia and show that there is potential fur further investment. As for most of the communications with the Malaysian Administration, you may do it yourself, however the process can be time-consuming and there are good consultants familiar with how to present your case and ensure a speedy approval from the Authorities, It generally takes between 3 to 6 weeks to get the status and work permit approved.
To register a Representative or Branch office, you must have at least 2 years audit reports, balance sheet, bank statement of company for last six month, and a business plan.
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119 thoughts on “Company Registration in Malaysia

  1. Kamali

    Now I am planning to incorporate a trading company in Malaysia as holder of MM2H for more than 2 years refer to the rules in Malaysia let me have your answers to the following questions:

    As MM2H can I be the owner of a company?
    Do I need any local partner?
    Can I open a bank account for the company?
    Which type of company is less engagement with TAX and other complex rules?
    Can I have a virtual office?
    One of my sons is studying master in Malaysia, can I use his service as shareholder and employee and the other son has MM2H visa, can he be as a shareholder of the company?
    I am living and working in Singapore now and planning to incorporate a company here if I open a branch of Singaporean company in Malaysia will be better or incorporate a separate company in Malaysia?

  2. Hossain

    Hi, I have been advised to start a company which does not require MR1m capital (but the package cost is only BDT7 lacs). In this respect, will i be entitled to get DP10 visa? May i start business with the same license and visa?

    One more thing is, after extension of 10 years, what will be my fate then? Will i not be able to reside Malaysia permanently? When they will issue Malaysian passport?

    During my stay with DP10 VISA, will my kids entitle to study with enjoying Malaysian national facility? What other facility my Family may enjoy under the scheme, i.e., Health, leaving etc?

    1. admin Post author

      Hossain>> Be careful. There is no such thing in Malaysia. Without RM1 million cash paid up capital, you cannot apply work permit. Furthermore, even one year work permit is not easy, how you can get 10 years work permit? It sounds you are dealing with a “fake agent”.
      Only 1 to 2 year work permit is being issued in Malaysia.
      There is NO scheme at all in Malaysia for Bangladesh. Be very careful. Work Permit is a big deal now a days and you are thinking about Malaysian Passport? Please don’t be trapped.
      Furthermore, we have sent you the information regarding how to apply work permit in easy way.

  3. yuvaraj

    My self Yuvaraj for India .I like to set up a Trading Company in Malaysia to import & export items to wholesale market in Malaysia different items to other country What as a process to get license in Malaysia & registered a company in Malaysia Please say what step for that.

  4. Khan

    I am an MM2H visa holder. I would like to set up a trading company in Malaysia to import items and sell to local wholesale market. I would also like to export from Malaysia different items to other countries. What are the company/business options that I can avail as MM2H holder? Do I need to convert MM2H visa to Business Residence Visa? What are the implications? Can you assist me in the whole procedure?

    1. admin Post author

      Khan>>To do any lawful business in Malaysia, you need to incorporate a company in Malaysia then only you would be able to carry on your intended business. You contact QADKAM office for assistance regarding setting up company. We suggest, “Don’t change your MM2H visa”.

      1. Khan

        Thanks I have sent email also to your contact address. The reason I askedd about changing MM2H status is because I read in the mm2h site that as of May 2015 MM2H holders are not allowed to do business in Malaysia. Anyway lets see whay qadkam replies.

  5. muni

    HI SIR now i am staying in Malaysia coming to 1year .my agent taken my passport he just given me only visa papers still now i did not get approval ,now agent suddenly disappear without giving my i do not know what to do. now i am legal or illegal this is my passport no K7668179

  6. abdulrahman alkaff

    we already registered a company in Malaysia (Foreign Company) and we hv an office and MPKJ lesen , then we need to apply for WRT and visa for our director to start import and export business , could you help us to process that ASAP?

  7. sridhar

    Im having tailor shop. How to get foreign worker quata under my company. Will able to help on this matter. I require one head count. I have the applicant now. He is now in his country.

  8. Adil Javed

    I want to register my own company with RM1 million capital can you please assist me how is it possible and also guide me easier way to get work permit

    Mr. Adil Javed

  9. Anowar Hossain

    To register a Sdn Bhd company as well as cooperation to start business, DV, EP etc.
    please contact with me as soon as you can. will appreciate if you contact with me soonest possible.

    1. anwar

      Hi, I have opened an Sdn,Bhd with the authorised capital of 1M. I need your assistance to apply EP under my company. Expecting Reply

  10. Muhammad Nadeem Mahmood

    hi admin,

    I just would like to ask you about my director visa , i already have a office , fixed line and my company is registered with 1 million paid up capital. But cannot open up a corporate account in cimb, because i m student here and visa expiring in November 2014.
    kindly guide me what i have to do now,

    and if i ask you to get work permit for how much will you charge,

    Thanks & Regards
    Company director
    Muhammad Nadeem Mahmood

  11. Momtaz


    I am a 56 Yeras Old Businessman.

    Me willing to re-locate in Malaysia by opening a Company & Directors visa.
    You are require to show RM500,000 or RM100,000 PAID UP CAPITAL Docs Support for me.

    How much money you will be Charging Me for Company Registration & visa pocessing.

    Awaiting your soonest reply.

    Best Regards
    Momtaz Hasan

  12. mirza fakhrul

    hello sir,
    I am Student of TMC college from Bangladesh. Now I want to open a business here, how can I start?

  13. umar bin anwer

    i am from pakistan and i wanted to start work there a s a palm oil broker in malaysia… e.g a broker who does deals of palm oil with international oil mills and sell them malaysian palm oil and take commision from both parties … i have read ur all requirements and i can fullfill them i jst want to clear tht u have written tht the paid up capital should be 500,000 rm to 1million rm … i wanna knw what do u mean by paid up capital do i have to open a account in malaysia and put money there or do i have to just show tht i have this money ….? i do not understand kindly tell me in details… thanks…

  14. Khan Mohammad jamali

    dear sir, I am in Kuala Lumpur and I want to start my own business,
    but I don’t have money 500000 to paid up capital,
    tell me what I will do.I want work permit dp10 visa
    what I will do
    Thankyou for your cooperative

    1. admin Post author

      Great to hear that you are already in Malaysia. If you wish to settle in Malaysia…first of all…please be aware of “Flying Agents” who can be from your own home country. Always consult licensed professionals.
      Immigration Department has made the work permit procedure very simple and online. Since 15th April 2014 now you can apply DP10 Work Permit ONLINE without the need of any “Flying Agent”. What you need to have..ONLY a company with RM million paid up capital (for all lawful business activities) and physical office with fixed phone line and sign board.
      As you are already in Malaysia, QADKAM professionals may help you to register company with RM1 million PAID UP capital and may also guide you FREE of charge to apply DP10 work permit. You may call QADKAM office Tel: +603 4287 0498 | +603 9287 5120 (Lunch Break 1:00 pm to 2:00 pm) to set an appointment. You may also call on Mobile: 0060102985120 to set an appointment.

  15. Md nazmul islam babu

    Dear sir/madam
    i leving bangladesh.Iwant go to my need work permit visa.I requasting to you,for work permit visa for me.plz

  16. Pan

    Firstly I appreciate QADKAM Company for their insightful guides and comments. Hope this licensed company goes further and develops more branches in Malaysia since there is lack of honest and licensed company regarding work visa issues.

    I ‘like to ask how much the work visa and work permit cost since my employer after receiving approval letter charged me RM 800? If I want to renew my work visa after its expire date, do I have to go back my homecountry during visa issuing process? Thank you!

    1. admin Post author

      Pan>> Thanks for appreciations.
      For renewal, you don’t need to exit from Malaysia. One the work permit is approved, Then the sticker fee is as:
      Key post (approval by MIDA) — fees charged is RM300.00 per year or part thereof.
      Management post/Senior/Intermediate/Professional/Technical – fees charged are RM200.00 per year or part thereof.
      Employment Pass – no levy charged.
      Processing fees for Employment Pass, Visitor’s Pass (Temporary Employment) – fees charged is RM50.00 per post/application.
      Processing fees for “Journey Perform Visa” – fees charged is RM500.00 per post/application.

  17. Shan mohammad

    I want make a stiching & garments company in malaysia. . Please tell me that 1. Mumnium company cost.
    2. How many issue visas through this company.
    3. How many employees hired.

    Kindly help me..

  18. shamim khan

    Dear sir, my name is shamim khan I m a beautation by profession and doing job with a darmatologist for last 8year now I want to come maylasia to try my luck I m also plying tennis in my school school time sir plz favour me to go maylasia plzzzzzzzzzzzzzz sir

    1. admin Post author

      Shamim>> We don’t deal in general Category work permits. We can assist you only if you wish to start your own business and want to apply work permit as Company Director which is HIGH category work permit which also entitles to get Malaysian Dependent Pass for immediate family members (husband/wife, children and parents).
      If you are looking for general category worker visa, you can search job and then may ask your employer to apply work permit for you.

  19. zeeshan

    i made a company with a paid up capital of 1 million MYR. The company has 2 directors having 50% shares each, one is a local resident and the second one is me. Now i am applying for director visa. Please send me the details that how much cost and time is involved to obtain the visa . Can it be possible that you take the responsibility for further procedure? if so please email me the complete package plan.

    thanks & regards

  20. Tarit Kumar Saha

    I ask for know,as regards,company registration and Business.

    I want to set up a calling card business in KL.I know how set up business technically but I don’t what is the administrative process for set up business in KL.Can you help me for that purpose.Please let me know as soon as posible.

  21. Hiyaa


    Can you guide me that if a person does not plan to establish their own business in Malaysia rather get a work permit and look for a job in Malaysia and start working. What willbe the procedure including time duration and charges.


    1. admin Post author

      Hiyaa>>Without company registration you can get DP10 visa, only if you get a job with a minimum salary of RM5000 per month…which is very difficult. And if you try to buy through any “Flying Agent”….when you are caught by the immigration police…you will be deported back to your country…because…every work permit sticker contains “Physical Address” of the company where you work. And if you buy such means you are not genuine employee of the company. Be very careful for such action. The only solution is…Register your company and then apply DP10 visa as “Company Director”. QADKAM may assist you to register a company with RM1 Million Paid UP capital…and will prepare your work permit application FREE of charge. You may contact QADKAM for further assistance.

  22. Imran

    I want to open a company with two directors (Partners), Can you please tell me the total cost for for company registration and 02 Visas.
    I don’t have the capital amount.

  23. Sobya

    I am working IT professional from India having more than 15 years experience. I want to setup business related SAP consultancy are where my people can give support to other multinational company for their work. This is purely on renting talent to big companies.
    I may hire Malaysian local and foreigner candidate for supporting business.
    I know I need 1 Million MYR.
    Do I need to deposit this to Malaysia Govt? or the amount should be available to my bank account?
    Please advice with your contact details.


    1. admin Post author

      Faisal>> Actually, there is no fee of DP10 visa approval in Immigration Department. The Immigration fee is only applicable once your DP10 visa is approved then you have to pay the visa sticker fee which around RM600 including processing fee but “Flying Agent” may charge you around RM5000 to RM8000 just for visa. But if you hire QADKAM services, they provide FREE services for DP10 work permit application for those who register company through QADKAM. ONce work permit is approved, you will be required to pay just the visa sicker fee.

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  25. Dear Sir,

    I am malaysian, currently want to register a company in malaysia, Is it possible tru website without going back?
    how much for the cost? need how long to complete everything?

    1. admin Post author

      To register a local company for Malaysian citizen, it takes only ONE DAY. Please call QADKAM Office at: 03-92875120 during normal business hours (Monday to Friday 9:00am to 5:00pm) for further assistance. You can pay at any MayBank or HSBC branch countrywide in Malaysia.

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  27. M M R Bhuiyan

    We are 10, want to open partnership business in Malaysia. Can you help us to open a partnership business and work permit all of us? If so how much your cost and how many days.

  28. Rajesh

    Dear sir, What are the process for applying work permit & visas for Indian Citizen. We already tried & failed with two agencies to do the visa & permit.Our company is registered xxxxxxxxx-K and its not sdn . Bhd. Our Paid Up Capital : RM 1,000,000.00 & Authorized Capital : RM 1,500,000.00.

    Let me know how u can help us

  29. Mr.Kim

    Hi, I want to open a partnership retail shop selling local product to tourist. How can I get work pass? I am Korean.

  30. abdul latheef

    Hi , I’m from India. I’m looking to start a business in Malaysia. I have 1 Malaysian local citizen as managing director.I find a office space in Seremban. I want to know what other procedures to start business. I mean Agreement, License , Professional visa etc. pls help me. thanx

  31. Santhosh

    I am Santhosh from India, I have an offer from a Snd Bhd Limited Company, Post is Sales Manager based on my last 12 years experience in the Industry…The issue is I am not a graduate and I heard from some of my freinds that it is a must to have graduation certificate to get a work permit @ Malaysia…Could you please clear my doubts and provide a solution…

    1. admin Post author

      Santosh>> You heard WRONG. There is no such requirement set by Immigration Department of Malaysia. This may be only your potential employer’s requirement!

    1. admin Post author

      abid>> If you have employment visa (DP10) you can apply visa at any embassy in Malaysia. You just need to meet the requirements set by the concerned embassy.

  32. khurram salim

    Dear Sir,

    I am from Pakistan and have MM2H visa. i just move in Kuala lumpur and want to start import and export business. i need to ask following question.

    1) what’s the procedure for registration of company.
    2) how much paid up and authorized capital required
    3) somebody told me for Foreigner if wants to do trading required WRT license to apply for VISA. please tell me is this same apply for MM2A visa holder.
    4) how much the charges and how long it takes.
    5) i have a company in Pakistan and already doing business with one Malaysia manufacturer from last three years is it helpful.

    Thanking you and waiting for your early reply.

    1. Khan

      Dear Khurram

      Assalamualaykum. I too am an MM2H holder. Have you been able to start a business? If yes, could you please guide me? Because I have just read that MM2H holders can not do business in Malaysia. Do you therefore need to cancel MM2H visa and get Business Residence Visa/DP 10 instead? Pls help if you can with advice and direction.

  33. Kelvin

    Dear Sir, would appreciated if u can enlighten me on what permit required of me to start a cafe business in Malaysia. I had run thru your website and I am still lost. I have another question, If i am a local yet i want to hired a foreigner, a Singaporean, to run my cafe, what other procedure and permit required? Please advise….

    1. admin Post author

      kelvin>> You can apply work permit only if you register a company with RM1Million paid up capital. Please contact QADKAM office (03 92875120 Monday to Friday 9:00am to 6:00pm) and set an appointment. QADKAM dn Bhd may assist you to register a company with paid up capital.

  34. Sharan

    I wanna register a company in Malaysia as a marketing and consultancy so if I completed regester the company what’s the first step tom get the permait visa and how long time I have to wait to get the permit visa. Next month I will be in KL to start register the company so please send me your address.


    1. admin Post author

      Sharan>>You can register a company just 5-7 working days even with a paid up capital of RM500,000 or 1 Million. Please contact QADKAM Sdn Bhd, Malaysia for company registration in Malaysia. Once your company is incorporated with Paid UP capital (minimum RM500,000) then your Work Permit remains very simple process. QADKAM may assist you to prepare work permit application file. To contact QADKAM Sdn Bhd, please Click Here.

  35. khan mohamad

    Hello sir
    Is it possilb that in Snd bhd limited company in malaysia. Tow dirctores and tow or three shareholder get a workpermit to live and work in malaysia or a shareholder just get residence visa to live . howmuch showd be the paid up capital ? thanks

  36. Biah

    Hi Admin

    I have one Pakistani friend who is now in Kuala Lumpur. He told me his agent applied visit visa just to come here and find a job there. Right now he can’t get any and also don’t have work permit. I would be happy if you could guide how is he going to work and stay in Kuala Lumpur.

    Thank you.

  37. khuram shahzad

    dear sir my name is khuram shahzad and my nationality is pakistani. I am MBA graduate and i have got visit visa of malaysia of one month. I want to convert visit visa into work visa. Can i convert visit visa in to Employment visa or professional visa without leaving malaysia. Currently i am on visit visa for 30 days.

  38. mohamed alrshah

    dear sir, I want to start my brand new company, so, you said that I have to have 500,000RM as paid up capital.
    my quistion is that, is the 500,000RM will be deposited to the goverment? or it will be reachable for me to start the work?

    your reply will be highly appreciated


  39. fawad

    sir i m looking for a job my education is bachelor of commerce my age is 43 years old i have house keeping supervisor experience 6 years and i did course also in pakistan and i live in pakistan and now working in school in admin i lokking for a job with good salary or work permit
    if possible for me and for my wife and i have 1 son also .plz guide me.
    my email me.

  40. muhammad iftikhar

    Hello sir, i want business visa
    for smal business in malaysia,can you tell me please how much cost for this? how long it will be takes? how much need for all things please let me know.
    muhammad iftikhar.

  41. muhammad iftikhar

    Dear sir,i am a business man , i have a business in pakistan since 2001, my company work as a impoter used compters IT,
    Rigistar with Govt Of Pakistan .
    i want to start a small business in malaysia so please tell me
    about company registration , i want to come on visit visa ,i have a visit visa for three month.
    how long it will be take and how much cost for all thing with work permit,
    what!s process for that , i want to start computer & mobile & internet cafe shop in kula lumpur.
    if i am comming on visit visa then my visa will be transfer into business work visa how long will be take do i return to pakistan ?
    do i need any local malaysian for my business?
    i don!t want any other for my company.
    so please let me know about all information then i will be here soon.
    Kind Regards.
    Muhammad Iftikhar.

  42. ayaz cumin to malaysia next week.i want to register a company and obtain a professional director visa.i want to knw d details and total cost also.

  43. M. Shoaib

    I want to setup an IT company and apply for a directors visa. Would like to know how much time does it take for the business registration plus visa approval and do I need to be present in Malaysia to carry out the procedure. what are the charges as I have contacted many companies and flying agents and it has been a different story everytime. I need my wife and 2 kids to travel with me as well so is it possible.? A detailed answer would be great.

  44. amna

    hello sir my name is amna and iam here with my 1daughter and son and husband my egentfraud me take my money and passport also nw i hav my passport bt need a guideline to arrange my and my family visas can u help me if can plz contact me in my email i cannot give u my nbr openly plz help me out thnx

  45. Usman Javied

    without a shadow of doubt, the site and people are very helpful and the site is very informative

    thanks in advance ADMIN

  46. Usman Javied

    I wish to come to Malasiya on a visit and later convert my visit to DP10 Visa. Can i apply for jobs while on visit and tell the company that i am in process of DP10 visa? Will i get jobs on DP10 visa. Middle management job position in Malasiya. Specially logistics coordination and order processing


    Dear Sir,

    We Need Malaysia Professional Dp-10 visa work permit on done basis with company NOC, Our Company name can be Hayat Motors & Bright Asia Traders.

    We are able to pay 5000 to 8000 Rengit after completion of work.

    Need Malaysia professional Dp-10 visa work permit on done basis? Only serious may contact

    If we don’t open company, firstly we need professional Dp-10 visa and NOC from same company then how much your charges and time

    If we open company then how much your charges for DP-10 visa and time

    If we are living in Pakistan then i think we are able to apply and get calling letter confirmation can u also help like this way.

    Your advice and suggestion should be concentrating.

    An early reply will be highly appreciated.

    Cell: 0324-2097707

  48. Teddy

    Dear admin, if i’ve just create a joint venture company? with 1 and 2 director is local but i will the 3 i need the working permit. can you advise me on that and how much the cost for working permit?

  49. Nazim

    Nice to see ur advice. I have an one year visit pass (social) which will expire December 2012, now I want to get business pass, kindly tell me the total procedure and cost for getting it in this regard I have a Sdn, Bhd company with half million capital with 4 directors. Now my company engaged with import & export business operation,

    So request to u make reply me at my mail and make an appointment schedule at ur convenient.


  50. raja

    hi…im a employer of few Bangladeshi workers they already have passport now i want to apply for the work permit…how can i apply and where do i do this?? please assist me…thanks….

  51. Hameed Sarvar

    Greeting of the day…
    i am from india and now on visit visa in malaysia, i want to have a work permit can u pls advice me should i go for company registeration to star business of tour oprator here, but i dont have 500,000 capital to invest.pls advice me wat to do? my contact no is 0105048635.

  52. Kamran

    I am interested in getting dp10 visa for IT jobs. So I can come to malaysia and search for it Jobs. could you please help me in getting employment visa for malaysia. Thanks!!!



  54. company formation

    Fantastic web site. Lots of useful information here. I?m sending it to a few buddies ans additionally sharing in delicious. And of course, thanks in your sweat!

  55. miko

    HI.. our company is joint venture with local and foreign director. As the above note you write is need RM350,000 capital. But if not enough the cash , still can apply work permit for foreign worker

    1. admin Post author

      miko0906>>> If the share from paid up capital of Foreigners in joint venture is less then RM500,000, you can’t apply work permit as company directors. Now Immigration Department has recently changed the rule that Foreigners equity MUST be not less than RM500,000 even if it is joint venture! For workers visa, you need to apply at Ministry of Interior, Putra Jaya for the approval. YOu need to go there with all company documents and with the reason..why you want to recruit foreigner workers. For General Workers category, your local director can go to Misistry of Interior to apply for their permit approvals.

    1. admin Post author

      Farid>> Normally, 02 to 03 working permits for directors can be applied easily on RM1 Million CASH Paid up capital company. Further you may discuss with QADKAM Sdn Bhd lawyers who can assist you to register..even to show RM1 CASH as paid up capital. You can contact QADKAM Sdn Bhd by visiting QADKAM Sdn Bhd website HERE

    1. admin Post author

      Atal>>> Please contact QADKAM office in Malaysia. They may even assist you to show the CASH as paid up capital. The success rate of QADKAM is 100% for securing work permits for the company directors. YOu may contact QADKAM at: or call office at: 0060392875120 (Ms. Zawatil)

  56. alan

    hi there i would like to set up a company with a malaysian partner 2 dos this need 500,000 id up capital to get work visa?

    1. admin Post author

      Arber100>>>> If you add any local Malaysian Director in your company then such company will be called “Joint Venture”. And for Joint Venture of Local Malaysian and Foreigners, the company’s PAID UP capital MUST be RM350,000 (Minimum).

      You can also incorporate a compnay without local director. Then the CASH paid up capital MUST be RM500,000 (mimimum). QADKAM Sdn Bhd may help you to incorporate a brand new company with CASH of RM500,000 as a paid up capital with in just 3-5 working days. Please contact QADKAM Sdn Bhd office by calling 00603 92875120 and arrange an appointment.

  57. Imtiaz ul haq

    Hi sir,i want open work permit malaysia,i prefer to work as bobcat oprater or secuirtygaurd,what kind of workpermit is best 4me,and what is price,no hidden charges.plz contect me

  58. Promis

    I just got a job with petronas oil campamy in malaysia. They told me to apply for work permit and visa they recommended that i apply immigration toursism group in malaysia(ministry of home affairs) level 1-7(podium) block 2G4, precint 2, federal government administration center and 62550 putrajaya, malaysia. I want to know if this agent axit and that the have a licence to process work permit and visa. They asked me to deposit $985 for the hole process please check for me if the exit and registered, can i apply with them becouse they are recommended with the company that employeed me.

    1. admin Post author


      Immigration department of Malaysia has issued warnings many times regarding such FAKE OFFERS.
      In Malaysia, PATRONAS is a very big group in Malaysia. Such semi Government HIGH level employers NEVER ask a SINGLE DOLLAR from prospective employee. NEVER pay any single dollar to any one until you receive your work permit issued by the Immigration department. Even you can check your work permit status ONLINE on Immigration Department of Malaysia website.

      Minsitry of Toursim never deals with work permits. There is no counter in Ministry of Tourism for work permits.
      Please visit this link for detailed SCAMS related to jobs..:

    1. admin Post author

      Massod>>>No one can give you “Work Permit”. Only Immigration Department has the sole right to decide on work permit applications. And the work ermits are always issued to the companies for their “employees or management”.

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