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Spouse Visa Malaysia

If you are married to a Malaysian citizen, you can apply “Malaysian Spouse Visa” which is officially called “Long Term Social Visit Pass” (LTSVP).

To apply Malaysian spouse visa, the process is very simple. Although you can apply directly at any nearest state immigration office but its better to have an advise of a professional consultant to save your time and money.

QADKAM Professionals have a long history of successful clients from Australia, U.K, Bangladesh, Pakistan, Singapore and almost allover the world.

To apply Malaysian Spouse visa, first you need to have your marriage registered in Malaysia.

Once your marriage is registered in Malaysia, please contact QADKAM for further assistance.

Normally, you can get straight 5 years Spouse visa just in 3 days. Sometimes, it is granted initially for 1 year and then at the time of extension, it is extended for 4 more years.

Work Permit for Spouse of Malaysian citizen

Malaysian Spouse visa holder is allowed to do any type of job/ lawful business. The work permission is granted free of charge by immigration office.

Permanent Residence for Spouse of a Malaysian citizen

Spouse of a Malaysian citizen can apply Permanent Residence of Malaysia after 5 years of successful marriage. There are several documents need to apply PR. If you are marrying to a Malaysian citizen, its better to have an expert advise from QADKAM to understand what documentation you may require to get Malaysian PR successfully in future.

You can contact QADKAM for marriage registration assistance as well as for Spouse Visa assistance.

The Free Step by Step Guide to apply Malaysian Spouse is here:

Clothing Rules to attend Immigration Office

When attending the immigration department clothing rules may be enforced e.g. no shorts/t-shirts/slippers/short skirts. You may be turned away if you are not dressed appropriately.

1) If you live in Kuala Lumpur or Selangor, the Immigration Office is located near Publika / Solaris Dutamas on Jalan Duta at 69 Jalan Sri Hartamas
The Immigration office is located in building “Kementerian Dalam Negeri” and there is free (but busy) parking.
Office Opening hours are 7:30am to 5:00pm Monday to Friday. Lunchtime is from 1pm to 2pm (Friday 1215pm to 245pm)
Some days at busy times applications are not accepted in the afternoon,  so its best to go early in the morning.
To find the office that deals with LTSVP applications enter though the main entrance, take the escalator up to Level 1 and go to the office at the rear of the building.
Go to counter 24 (“Nombor Giliran”) to obtain the forms that you need to complete.
2) Both, the applicant and the Malaysian spouse should complete the Statutory Declaration and the Bond Form and then sign them in front of a Commissioner for Oaths (there is one on the ground floor near restaurant in Immigration office).
3) You must have “contract” of your job stamped by LHDN.
4) Complete all of the forms (including Form Imm.55 which although is an extension request is also required for a first application).
5) Both the applicant and the Malaysian spouse go to Immigration with all of the requested documents. Take a ticket (from counter 24 again) and await your turn. When your number is called the officer will check your forms and ask you to wait. After an hour or late, you’ll be called back to the desk by the officer and given a confirmation print out and asked to return after a certain date (1 or 2 weeks later).
6) The applicant returns to Immigration (the Malaysian spouse doesn’t need to go) to pay the bond.  Don’t forget to bring your passport, the confirmation print out plus payment in cash.
– please check with immigration when you first visit to find out the current charges 
Go to counter 24 to collect a ticket. Your number will be called and you will hand your confirmation form and passport to the officer. You will then wait again for your number to be called to go to the payment counter (be aware that tickets for the payment counter are not called in order). Pay the bond and fee (cash only – there is a Bank Islam ATM on the ground floor if you need it). You will be given a receipt for the bond and a receipt for the fee. You then have to go to the ground floor to have a photocopy taken of the bond receipt (no copy of the fee receipt is needed). Go back upstairs and once your number is called again you will hand over the photocopy of the bond receipt and be given your passport with the pass entered in it.  Check the correct pass and period has been given.The bond is apparently refundable when you leave Malaysia for good; make sure you keep the original receipt safely. 
Above information is just a guideline. You may get updated information directly from Immigration Office or alternatively, to save your time and money, its better to have an expert advise from QADKAM Professionals.