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How to Start Business in Malaysia for Foreigners

Work Permit through Company Formation in Malaysia:

If you want to start business in Malaysia and wish to apply Work Permit, the first and most important phase is “save yourself from agents”. If you are saved from “Flying Agents”, then it’ll be never difficult for you to settle in Malaysia.


Malaysia is not like Middle Eastern countries (Dubai or Saudi Arabia etc..). If you think you can start a “Visa Mill or Visa Factory” type business in Malaysia, then Malaysia is not right choice! Malaysian Immigration is very strict in issuing visas/permits as compare to UAE or Saudi Arabia. In Malaysia, even a one Work Permit(High category DP10 or Professional category)  is a big deal. To get DP10, you have to prove the genuineness of your business.

It means, registering a company does not give any automatic right  to get the DP10 visa. To apply DP10 visa, you need to meet all the criteria set by the immigration department.

In our point of view, Immigration has not imposed any difficult criteria for GENUINE businessmen.

If you hire a good consultant, DP10 visa or settling in Malaysia is very simple and easy. SO, never try to escape from simple and straight forward procedure.

Immigration Department of Malaysia never demands that “your eyes must be green“! Immigration Department has enforced very simple rule for foreigners who are really genuine businessmen and wants to make Malaysia as their second home. 4porngames

The First Step to Start Business in Malaysia for Foreigners:

To start Business in Malaysia, first of all, you need to incorporate a company with RM1 million paid up capital. BSBH, Malaysia may assist you to get the company done in just 3 to 5 working days.

While registering your company in Malaysia, be very specific in adding the “Activity” of your company. Don’t add such activities which requires many further licenses before start up. BSBH professional will guide you which activity is more simple to get the work permit done in a smooth and simple legal way.

Once company is incorporated, arrange its physical office anywhere in Malaysia. Malaysia is not only the name of Kuala Lumpur. Malaysia is a big country and you can arrange your office anywhere in West Malaysia where you may afford to start up with very low cost.

Keep in mind.. If you have decided to settle in Malaysia then you have to be very patient. Don’t waste your money in unnecessary expenses. Find a simple office and start your business activity. To start the activity, its better to hire at least one local staff who could assist you for local market as per your business activity. Start communicating with local market through your staff. Ask your staff to make contracts with local market as per your “product” or business activity.

Soon you will have offers/quotations from local market. Such offers/quotation are very important in applying work permit. As, whenever you apply work permit, Immigration Department asks, why you need work permit? And such offers/quotations are valid evidence that you are a genuine businessmen and have very strong response from local market regarding your “product” or services.

Apply Malaysian Work Permit Online – Immigration Department has established ESD Malaysia website, an Online Application system to apply work permits. So, no need to hire any “Flying Agent”. Simply register your Malaysian company on ESD Malaysia online system and apply your work permit online. You can also apply “Dependent Pass” for your Spouse, Children and Parents once your work permit is approved.

Property for Sale in Malaysia for Foreigners

Don’t waste your money in buying work permits. Malaysia is not only the name of Kuala Lumpur. If you go far from Kuala Lumpur, life is very simple and its very easy for Foreigner to settle in other cities as compare to Kuala Lumpur.

You can buy property very easily and with very cheap price in many Malaysian cities. We have properties in Kedah state of Malaysia. Where you can buy property very cheap under you/your company name. We also have some properties on Islands with a sea view. You can also buy property with sea view and may use it for “Motel”, Hotel, Resort, Restaurant, Home Stay or may build your own home near to sea or beach. Minimum lot price starts from RM20,000 (approx. US$4500). Book a tour to view these properties.

Our Lawyer will prepare all necessary legal documentation/agreements for you to buy the property. This is the right way to settle in Malaysia. Invest in strategic properties to earn endless income. Few properties are located in Langkawi Island just few minutes drive from Airport, Black Sand Beach, Birds Park and Geo Forest Park Langkawi. You can own a property in just RM20,000 and may start your own Home Stay/Motel or Restaurant business very easily and safely.

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